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Eensy Weensy Spider
Except for Harold

Eensy Weensy Spider My Little Yellow Bus

The eensy weensy spider went up the water spout.
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
So the eensy weensy spider went up the spout again.


Except for Harold Judy & David - MathJam 2 - Except for Harold (Data Management)
(c)2004 All Together Now Entertainment Inc.
Words and Music by Judy and David Gershon

A representative of the office of student opinion of stuff
Came to our school and sat on a stool and asked many questions of us
"Hello," he said, "My name is Greg, and I came here today
To get you to reveal, to see how you feel about the items in our survey.
Sound like fun?" Well everyone started nodding and shouting hooray...
Except for Harold, except for Harold -- he didn't want Greg to stay.
Except for Harold, except for Harold -- he didn't want Greg to stay.

"Now, let's see, in the category of pets, like a puppy or a mouse
What's your favourite kind of creature to find and keep as a pet in your house?"
For dogs, 13 hands, for cats 17, for fish 10, rats only four,
Six preferred lizards, two wanted snakes, then Greg said, "I have just one more...
How about FLEAS?" Huh? No, thank you, please! No one wants a flea, you can bet...
Except for Harold, except for Harold - a flea was his favourite pet.

"Ok, girls and boys, let's talk about toys - favourite things with which to play
Who likes kites? And who likes bikes? Who plays video games all day?"
Well, we raised our hands, he counted them and, he asked again and looked around
It was the way he did a survey. He wrote all the data down.
"That was a long list. Was there a toy I missed?" A 'no' came to everyone's lips...
Except for Harold, except for Harold - his favorite toys were paper clips

"Thanks for your time," said Greg, "Now, I'm off to turn this data into graphs."
He waved farewell, we heard the recess bell, then our teacher said, "Go play, and have some laughs!"
But once outside, a boy named Bif McBride decided he would have a little fun,
You see, right beside our school there's a house that's really cool,
It's abandoned, forbidden to everyone,
But Bif said, "Hey, let's all go in!" The whole class followed him except Harold, as the kids shouted out loud:
"What's wrong with you? Why can't you do things like the rest of the crowd?"
Everyone laughed at him, then we all went in as the door slammed shut and locked
We were trapped. Imagine that! But what came next left everybody shocked
While some of us cried, just outside Harold heard us -- and though feeling kind of hurt
He decided to deploy his very favourite toy, a paper clip from the pocket of his shirt
He tinkered and he fiddled and as he filled with pride
He did it! He got the door unlocked so we could get outside!

Oh, Harold, you're an original and that takes guts
We should have never made fun of you, we must have been nuts
We all felt kind of foolish no one knew what to say
Except for Harold, except for Harold, he said, "Come on, let's play!"

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