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Lesson Plan: Try the "Celebrating our Differences" lesson plan / activity


Other Activities...

Group Activities

Making music is always great but it seems to be even more fun when we make music with others. Try sitting in pairs, facing your partner. When "La-la-la" part comes, clap hands with your partner (a la 'pat-a-cake').

Cooperative Singing

Divide group into two groups. One group sings the "La's" and the other group does the claps. The groups must work together in order to sing the song in its entirety. Try it in a big space where you can have everyone facing each other in two long lines. Try having them stand when it is time for their part.


Circle dance

The whole class stands in two concentric circles. Outer circle moves clockwise and inner circle moves counter-clockwise. During the verses, the children hold hands and walk in time to the music. At the chorus, they stop, and children in the inner circle turn and face the student closest to them in the outer circle - they are now partners. At "La-la-la", child claps hands with partner, and links arms to trade places. (Ex: During first La-la's partners link one arm and spin around, 180 degrees, until they have switched places. During the second La-la's, partners link the other arm, spin around the other way, so they are now back to their original place.


Colouring Sheet

Print out and colour our free All Together Now Colouring Sheet!

Where to find the Music

You can view / download the lyrics to this song from our Online Songbook:

You can see this song on our TV show, Judy & David's Boom Box (depending on your location):

This song may be seen and/or heard on the following (available for purchase):

To order with a Visa card, call toll-free in US or Canada: 1-877-MY SONGS.


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